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Wilden's metal diaphragm pumps are specifically designed for maximum performance and efficiency. A broad spectrum of elastromeres is available to meet any application. Wondering which pump is right for your organization?

A familiar concept

Simple, solid and reliable

The XPR series pumps are equipped with the Pro-Flo air distribution system. A reliable and solid air-slide system that keeps working under the harshest conditions. Together with the rock-solid bolted construction, the Wilden XPR series pump is the workhorse for all industrial applications that do not demand fancy technology but an indestructible all-rounder.
  • Self-priming
  • Portable
  • Dry running without problems
  • Not overloadable
  • Simple
  • No mechanical seal
  • Oil free
  • Low maintenance


  • 2" pump
  • Aluminum & Stainless Steel
  • Has max. working pressure of 8.6 bar
  • Easy installation

Max. capacity 651 lpm
Max. compressed air pressure 8.6 bar
Max. temperature Depends on type of membrane
Max. particle size 6.4 mm
Air connection 3/4″
Fluid connections 2″ BSP

Material Buna-N®
Material Neoprene
Material EPDMTM
Material Polyurethane
Material SaniflexTM
Material PTFE
Material Viton®
Material Wil-FlexTM
Material Geolast®

Pressure to perform

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There is a lot to gain and save by using the right pump.
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Advice from the Pompologist

The Netherlands' only pumpologist, Gerrit Klaassen, regularly provides tips via LinkedIn on how to keep pumping trouble-free. All videos can be seen back on his video channel.

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Find out if a Wilden pump is right for your business?

There is a lot to gain and save by using the right pump.
We are happy to advise you!