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Over 25 years the Specialist in diaphragm pumps

More than 25 years of diaphragm pump experience has given us treasures of expertise. There is almost no industry or company that does not have a diaphragm pump in operation.

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Performing every day, continuing to live up to your customers' trust, it all depends on diaphragm pumps you can rely on. And therefore with a supplier you can rely on. We are such a supplier. For more than a quarter of a century, we have dealt in nothing but diaphragm pumps. Yes, long before the term "core business" became fashionable, we knew exactly where our strengths lay. And still does. Successfully, we may say. More than 9,000 customers can testify to that. More than 100,000 diaphragm pumps supplied by us endorse it. And more than 70 employees in 8 countries are part of the basis for our stability. And thus for your stability.

More than 25 years of diaphragm pump experience , it has given us treasures of expertise. Insights, for example, into complex production processes such as those at Shell and BASF. And in equally complex and extensive projects at ASML, Chevron and AKZO. Sound names indeed. From companies where performance pressure is literally and figuratively the order of the day. And who therefore merely surround themselves with companies that can withstand it in every respect. Speaking of expertise, we are happy to share it. For example, in the form of on-site training of your staff. So that they too are initiated into the latest 'tips & tricks' to keep your diaphragm pumps running as optimally as possible.

We have already mentioned a few names and thus a number of industries in which we operate, but our field of activity is many times broader. This is not surprising, almost no industry, almost no company or there is a diaphragm pump active. So we are familiar with versatility. With all the diversity this entails in terms of insight into and knowledge of business processes, but certainly also in terms of devising solutions for the most diverse issues related to diaphragm pumps. The sectors in which we have been active for many years include: chemicals, petrochemicals, gas, paper and cardboard, environment, gas and water treatment, storage and transhipment, food technology; pharmaceuticals, personal care products, semiconductors and solar, mechanical engineering; energy, metal and rubber and plastics.

Performing under pressure, performing under pressure ... Well matter of course to do so safely. So it's good to know that diaphragm pumps are a model of safety in everything. Because they are driven by compressed air, they are naturally not overloadable. And fully explosion-proof as standard. We supply a complete range of pumps suitable for food and pharmaceutical applications. Naturally provided with the most up-to-date certifications. Not for nothing that companies like DOW and Shell, companies where safety is crucial in every respect, rely on our diaphragm pumps.

For as long as we have been active in the world of diaphragm pumps, we have also been optimizing their performance. Also in terms of energy consumption, of course, and with success. Our diaphragm pumps with shift technology not only deliver 30 to 60 percent more capacity, they also save 50 percent in energy! Your benefit can be as much as about 4,500 euros per pump, per year.
What our customers say

The specialist for more than 25 years. Our customers notice that too!

"If you want reliable production 24/7 then your pumps have to run reliably 24/7, thanks to the pumps and service from Holland Air Pumps we never stand still."

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Mario Nieman Villeroy & Boch in Roden

"If power is expensive, and compressors run all day to keep your compressed air-driven diaphragm pumps running then now is the time to switch to electric-driven diaphragm pumps from Holland Air Pumps"

Reviewer thumbnail
Ton Evers Akzo Nobel Decorative coatings in Wapenveld

"Rare failure and barely any maintenance costs in 15 years Holland Air Pumps has helped us tremendously"

Reviewer thumbnail
Richard Moens Tanatex Chemicals in Ede

"We are stunned by the enormous energy savings that can be realized by applying the latest electric diaphragm pumps from Holland Air Pumps "

Reviewer thumbnail
Jan Luhoff BASF Netherlands Heerenveen

"Our production has become safer, quieter and above all more efficient with the new generation of diaphragm pumps from Holland Air Pumps"

Reviewer thumbnail
John Bollebakker Chromalloy Holland in Tilburg

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